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World Contraception Day; What you need to know about the benefits of family planning.

Every September 26th of every year is celebrated as "world contraception day". This yearly awareness campaign is aimed at enabling people irrespective of their gender (male or female) or age (teenagers or adults) to make informed and right decisions concerning their sexual and reproductive health in preventing unwanted and uplanned pregnancy and determine the number of children in the family.
What is contraception? Contraception is a means of deciding and using methods to delay,  prevent and space pregnancy. This method will allow families to enjoy sexual and reproductive health.
As part of this year's "world contraception day", an awareness campaign was done to raise the knowledge of the community concerning family planning and its benefits in order to promote the health of the family and the society at large. Also, a novelty matched was played between "the All-Stars and Ogun state football teams" at the M.K.O Abiola, stadium, Kuto, Abe…