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Africa's richest Personalities : Role of Diversification and investments

There are a lot of really interesting things about the remarkable continent of  Africa. From the natural beauty and resources to the different cultures and all they have to offer, Africa is truly amazing. What people might not have realized about Africa is that it also has its share of billionaires and millio
These charismatic, wealthy individuals have their own unique backstories and ways they obtained their riches. The richest Africans in the world run businesses operating in many different industries.
These industries include textiles, food production, agriculture, diamonds, communication, and more.

Philippine bid to jail nine-year-olds is 'a great child violation', UNICEF's says… in 2017

A law proposing children as young as nine be jailed for crimes is “wrong from every angle”, the head of the United Nations children’s agency in the Philippines has warned.

“If they grow up, spending their teenage years in a prison, they most probably will be damaged for life,” Unicef’s country representative, Lotta Sylwander, said in a telephone interview from Manila.

The current age of criminal responsibility in the Philippines is 15. President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies have been pushing to lower it, coupled with another draft bill that would restore the death penalty.

Politicians opposing the bills say their passing could lead to a situation in which a nine-year-old may be sentenced to death.

Duterte won May elections following a campaign in which he vowed to kill tens of thousands of drug dealers and promised to stop traffickers from using minors as narcotic couriers.

But Sylwander said a nine-year-old child is unable to fully comprehend the consequences of a crime, especially if t…

BREAKING: Council of State approves N27,000 as minimum wage for states, and N30,000 for FG workers

National Council of State has pegged the National Minimum wage at N27,000.

This amount is for the least paid workers in the states and the private sector.
However, Federal Government workers will take home N30,000 as their minimum wage.

The Council arrived at this decision at its meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

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Who is this great intellectuality of the century?

If you can identify this face,  truly you support local content.
He is a well know man...A household name.
Ask a primary school pupil,  they will mention this man before any other... Not  a joke,  a man use this man's name to crack joke,  when he discovered that the people didnt laugh , he ended by saying , '"the joke is from B..." When they heard the name, the audience laughed for 5 minutes uncontrollably and he has to end the laugh by saying " i have another joke from B..." and everyone ear's was at attention.
The Name start with letter B....
Let us celebrate this man

God will bless his hustle,  as he storms LONDON SOON... I wish i have means to join him there...i would not hesitate to fly back him up there as a blogger
Attention all Africans in London...give this man every necessary support ooo over there.

Final reminder: Abstract submissions for the 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019)- closes Tuesday, 22 January, 23:59 Central European Time (CET)

This is a final reminder that abstract submissions for the 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019) close in just over 24 hours, on Tuesday, 22 January, 23:59 Central European Time (CET). Please note only abstracts submitted before this time will be considered. SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT Submit your abstracts in the following categories and automatically be considered for

Microsoft Officially Ends Support For Windows 10 Mobile

The support for Windows 10 phones have just ended.

Although It’s very sad to see the Operating system go out of fashion, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Microsoft has already confirmed that it is officially killing off support for the OS. I actually knew this would happen at some point but I didn’t know it would be this soon.

So if you’re still using a Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile phone, you have less than a year to upgrade to something else preferably an Android Phone.

Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead 

Microsoft has already published a support page detailing Windows 10 Mobile’s upcoming End of Support.

According to the company, Windows 10 Mobile users are no longer eligible to receive updates, including security updates, from December 10, 2019. Devices that are running Windows 10 Mobile version 1703 will no longer receive support even earlier — on June 11th, 2019.

So immediately it gets to the end of support date some of the features on the device will slowly stop working and Microsoft won’t d…

Tips to help prevent the spread of rumors and fake news

Understand when a message is forwarded Messages with the "Forwarded" label help you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message or if it originally came from someone else. Double check the facts when you're not sure who wrote the original message. To learn more about forwarding messages, please read these articles. Check photos and media carefully Photos, audios, and videos can be edited to mislead you. Look at trusted news sources to see if the story is being reported elsewhere. When a story is reported in multiple places, it's more likely to be true. Look out for messages that look different Many messages or website links you receive containing hoaxes or fake news have spelling mistakes. Look for these signs so you can check if the information is accurate. To learn more about suspicious links, please read these articles. Check your biases Watch out for information that confirms your preexisting beliefs and review the facts before sharing information. Storie…

SFH Job Vacancies (13 Positions)

Society for Family Health (SFH) is one of the leading public health non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Nigeria, implementing programmes in Reproductive Health/Family Planning; HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment; malaria prevention and treatment; primary health care system strengthening and maternal, newborn and child health care. SFH works in partnership with the Federal and State Governments of Nigeria, the Global Fund, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Department for International Development (DFID), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Merck for Mothers, Children Investment Fund Foundation among other international donors. We offer professional opportunities for career advancement, a good working environment and competitive remuneration.
We require competent candidates to fill the following positions below:

1.) Sales Assistant (Lagos)

Slot: 3 Openings

Click Here To View Details

2.) Sales Assistant (Rivers)

3 Simplest Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Pay Attention to Your Spouse Attention means love. It’s one of the most loving things you do when you give somebody your attention. When you’re paying attention to somebody, you’re saying to them, “I value you. You matter to me. You’re worth listening to.” When you give somebody your attention you’re actually giving them your life. Your time is your life and you’re never going to get that time back. The truth is, that’s how you fell in love. You fell in love because you began to pay attention to somebody and somebody began to pay attention to you. Do you remember how much attention you used to give to your husband or your wife before you got married? You bought flowers, wrote notes, made phone calls and talked for hours. You spent a lot of time together. In many, many ways during dating and engagement you said, “You have my undivided attention.” In fact, you thought about the other person all the time when you weren’t with them. Over time we tend to pay less attention to our spouse r…

Job opportunities : Don't delay

To an
y Graduate who has OND / HND / B.Sc / Msc / PhD In any discipline and are unemployed & looking for job

1. interested to work with the Nigerian Stock Exchange - Graduate Trainee
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3. Interested in working with SaroAfrica International- Graduate Trainees
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4. Interested in working with Vodacom - Human Resource Officer
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5. Interested in working with PZ Cuzzons - Sales Trainee
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6. Interested in working with Pfizer - Medical Representative
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7. Interested in working with Contec Global Group - Customer Care Executive
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8. Interested in working with Rain Oil - Internal Auditor
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Skills to be a true counselor!

•C - care and compassion for your client.
•O - observant
•U - understanding
•N - nurturing
•S - sensitive
•E - empathetic
•L - loving
•O - optimistic
•R - reliable and respectful

Type of Counselling  •INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING-Enhances the establishment of prompt rapport, confidentiality and expression of feelings.
•GROUP COUNSELLING-Is especially important for individuals with similar challenges. For example PLWHA, Antenatal clients, high-risk group etc.
•COUPLE COUNSELLING-Is often required for those with sensitive issues that affects both partners.
Counselling Skills

A good counselor must possess certain skills to enable him/her to perform effectively. These skills are:
•Active Listening
•Use of Encouragers