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Check up the Chat: Official Inauguration of Deeper Life Bible Church HQTR
Enoch DzovorGod job by the transmission Guys...
Sam PeterDivine Personal Possession
akinboroa adetayoamen
Enoch Dzovorthe technical glitches are very tolerable
Adesanya Samuel
EMMAMUEL AGBOthis is 'Laudable'..Glory to God Almighty
Edeki Joydid campus sing?
joan fAll you need do is lift Christ above all men and he will do his job which is to draw all men unto himself
UBI UBII belong to Christ
Akinyemi Abiodun Temitayo4. The Divine Personal Possession
opeyemi yekiniMy Daddy ( Pastor W.F Kumuyi on the Pulpit: The Simple Message : (1) Divine Proclamation (2) Divine Promise (3) Divine Project (4) Divine Personal Possession ...
Kingsley NwanzeThe Four points are; I. Divine Proclamation, 2. The Divine Promise 3. Divine Project, The Divine Personal Possession
Adesanya SamuelGlory be to God
John Akinkunmiyes
William Sakalathe divine personal possession
Grace chukwu@Edeki Joy where were u they sang very very well
MUDASIRU SUNMONUI belong to Christ.
TIMOTHY OLALEYEI belong to christ
Sam PeterDefined Peculiar People
Grace chukwuu missed
Akom NixonThis is Really God's great achiever, general Kingdom Ploclaimer and Christian Mentor. I'm proud to be part and parcel of His vision.
OO728855. Defined Peculiar People
Kingsley Nwanze5.The Defined peculiar People
Isaac Adeleketopic pls???
opeyemi yekini...(5) Defined Peculiar People ( the church means the called out...We are sustained, called out...
ADEYEMI TEMI TEMIThoughts is hours
John AbrahamDivine personal possession
OO72885Topic: Christ's Thoughts and Ours
UBI UBIcampus just rounded off their piece before the Pst mounted the pulpit.
OO728856. Divine Preservation
Sam PeterDivine Preservation
Annette NjakoiAmen
Kingsley Nwanze6. The Divine Preservation
Clement Adebayodivine preservation
Maxwell Atilook at the church today
Isaac Adelekethanks to all
opeyemi yekini...(6)the divine preservation ( the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church)
Maxwell AtiThe Divine preservation
Adesanya SamuelDivine preservation
Sam PeterLooking at the Church today from the 1st Century upto this 21st Century....
TINA OKOI am so glad I'm a part of the family of God
Sam Petereven during the period of intense persecution
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN
eeechannel1the audio is excellent. I love the building. oh what a joy to witness this beautiful edifice in the name of the God
OO72885Gates: Powers
Abayomi KoladeAlso, this Church came to our Campus early 2000 for a transmitted Campus Prog.
Kelvin ObiomaAmen
Sam Peter.....the gates of hell has NEVER prevailed
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!
Dcc Plc Nwanneka Blessed Samuelplease how long has it been since the message started?
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!AMEN!!!AMEN!!!
ADEYEMI TEMI TEMIThe Divine Preservation
Sam PeterAmen
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!
opeyemi yekini... the gate of hell here means.. the power of hell shall not prevail against the church...
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!AMEN!!!AMEN!!!
Charles Ogundareamen
Gbade Lambepraise God it is done!
atobatele odunayoAmen
adewale oguntimehinAMEN!!!
Sam Peterwhy are you asking the the time when the message has started?
Sam Peterare you not enjoying it?
Ifiokobong AkpanAmen
Charles Ogundareamen
saysthwisecome in come in come in
Dcc Plc Nwanneka Blessed SamuelI just turned in now.
joan ffew preachers can preach the gospel as it is irrespective of the presence of dignitaries
William SakalaI am in
Grace chukwui am in
joan fwit itching ears
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!
victoria odubanjoI am in
Benjamin Tunmiyenwei SanamiAMEN!!!AMEN!!!AMEN!!!
opeyemi yekini...surrender your life to him....come to Him..come to Christ... Somebody there...I am in... and the Gate of Hell shall not prevail...
Adesanya SamuelAmen
ngboufa preciousThe warriors from hell can't stop the church from going forward..!
Ayim Sundayamen
Abutu Zerubabelamen
akinboroa adetayoamen
OO728857. Divine Power
Sam PeterDivine Power
Abayomi KoladeYes Yes YEs
Safiatou KouaobileAmen!!!!!
William Sakalathere is power in the church
Adesanya SamuelThe Divine Power
Clement Adebayodivine power
Israel OdeluyiTo God be all Glory. Congratulations to Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, Congratulations to Deeper Life Bible Church worldwide and Congratulations to the Christendom.
Udoudo Graceameh
Kingsley Nwanze7. the Divine Power
adewale oguntimehinAMEN!!!
Abayomi KoladeThere's every good things in the Church.
Awiata ATAROWe thank God this huge realisation
Ifiokobong AkpanThe Divine Power
ngboufa preciousamen
Adesanya SamuelNo 7. The Divine Power
Ifiokobong AkpanThere is power in the church
Ifiokobong AkpanAmen
Ifiokobong AkpanThere is annointing in the church
akinboroa adetayocoming in to Christ church. the conspirators of hell shall not prevail against the church
AMANDA WORKSride on sir
Raphael OgouchiHello there is no french translation of this important moement why?
Edeki JoyAmrn
Edeki JoyAmen
ngboufa preciousno limitations.
Ifiokobong AkpanI give u the key\
Jesus saveshallelujah to the Lord God
Ifiokobong Akpannot a key on earth here
Edeki Joyno body will keep me in boundage
ADEYEMI TEMI TEMI7. The Divine Power
ngboufa preciousamen.
Edeki Joy'every falters are broken
Richard IsaacAmen
Capt Oladeji FolayanAmen !!!!!!
ogunye jedaAmen Amen Amen
opeyemi yekini... 7) the Divine Power
maltesers888The Divine Power
Ifeanyi ObiekweI am here too
Justin UkwandiI am here
ogunye jedaI am here
William Sakalathe key - he gave himself
Ifiokobong Akpannetwork come oo
Ifiokobong Akpanwe need u
ngboufa preciousJesus gave himself for us.
David AdesolaAmen
Falana TemitopePlease is this showing on TV
Annette NjakoiI am in
moise boukari
Annette NjakoiAmen
Anthony Ugegelam enjoying the message
Edeki JoyI Receive the KEY
Stephen Odelowohmm
Temidayo AdebayoThe Key: He gave Himself.
Udoudo GraceI am here too
Edet GodwinI receive the key.
Clement AdebayoHe gave Himself for us to pardon us
Rereloluwa BabalolaAIT
ogunye jedahe gave himself for us
Grace chukwushowing on AIT
masters tomiwa@falana AIT
Temidayo AdebayoI got the Key
Edeki Joyi have Him i have the KEY
Clement AdebayoI have the key
Edeki JoyJESUS = KEY
ngboufa preciousyes, you can watch it on AIT.
victoria odubanjoI have him I have the key
Falana TemitopeMANY THANKS...
taylor harryHe gave us Himself
William SakalaSecondly - the divine nature
Olubusade AdeniyiI bless God that i witness this inauguration. A holy church
Temidayo Adebayo2. The Key: The Divine Nature
ngboufa preciousamen
taylor harryI have the key
Edeki Joysatan will not conquer me
AMANDA WORKSi have the key
Temidayo Adebayo3. The Key: Holy Ghost
Ifeanyi Ironondu
James OjoI have the Key
Annette NjakoiAmen
ngboufa preciousyou have the Holy Ghost, you have the key.
Edeki JoyGod the FAther Son and the Holy spirit = 3KEYS
Bejide Busayoyou have the Holy Ghost
James OjoI have everything
Sahr Kasse-GboriePraise God for this ministry and all its accomplishment. I pray that they will continue until the end
James OjoI have the Master Key
ogunye jedaamen
Edeki JoyJESUS
Ifiokobong AkpanWatching from University of Nigeria, UNN... Thnk God for Wi-Fi
Osadare AyodeleThe Lord is involved in this, glory be to God
William Sakalathe spontaneous subtitles - a breath of fresh air.
Ifiokobong AkpanAmen
AMANDA WORKSwhat is the firsdt key please?
Edeki Joyi have the name i have the KEY
Taiwo KolawoleI've got the Master Key in Jesus name!!
Lizzy Osawaruin the name of Jesus Christ
Ekhueorohan Felixhallelujah
Bejide BusayoYou have His name as the key to open the doors
ngboufa preciouswhen you have the name, you have the key.
Temidayo AdebayoThe Key: His Name
ogunye jedaI have the key
joan fwhen u have the name you have the key
Pedro EjioguWill the full version of this transmission be downloaded
akinboroa adetayohe gave himself for us..... first key
Ajayi IbukunoluwaI have the key in Jesus name
Edet GodwinThank you Father for name of Jesus
Joel Banknice one
Ekhueorohan FelixI have the key
Temidayo AdebayoThe Key: His Grace
Bejide Busayohave Faith
Henry tihenriThe Power of Attorney
Edward Igberaesewatching from Nairobi, Kenya
tsskthe first key is Jesus himself
Ifiokobong Akpanthere will be a link to download it
Edeki Joy@AMANDA WORKS the key of Himself
B OK1st key is himself
Adebayo OmoladeWhat is number 3
ngboufa preciouswhosoever, I'm included, praise the Lord.
BRIAN BANDAThank God for His faithfulness!
Emmanuel OnojaJesus is the Master Key and because I have Him, I have the key!
Alao Felixamen in Jesus name
buachie mayowaAm gr8tful i experience it
Edeki Joy5.supernatural faith
Lizzy Osawaruedifice building
Temidayo AdebayoThe Key: The Faith Of Christ, The Faith of God
Bejide Busayo3. The Holy Ghost
Edeki Joy6.Prevailing power
Osadare AyodeleMy mountains will move IJN
Joshua Halmsoni have the key
ogunye jedai have the i have the keya
Lizzy Osawaruamen
AMANDA WORKSSelf, HolyGhost, Name...
ogunye jedakeys
buachie mayowaI am blessed
Ekhueorohan FelixI have Christ I can open any door
ogunye jedaamen
Edeki Joynothing shall by any means hurt me
ngboufa preciouslet the weak say am strong.
Temidayo AdebayoThe Key Supernatural Power
Edeki Joyi receive POWER
taylor harryi am not weak i am strong
Udoudo GraceI am strong
Ebuka VicentI am strong
ngboufa preciousamen.
Edeki Joy7. The gift of the Spirit
opeyemi yekini
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