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VIDEOS : Buhari Meets With Trump, Blames Killings On Libyan Crisis

President Muhammadu Buhari has again said that herdsmen in Nigeria do not carry guns but only wield sticks and occasionally machetes. He said this on Monday in Washington D.C. during a bilateral meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. According to the Nigerian President, the herdsmen crisis has been an age-long challenge in his country. “The problem of herders in Nigeria is a very long historical thing. The Nigerian herders don’t carry anything more than a stick and occasionally a matchet to cut down foliage and give it to their animals, these ones are carrying AK-47. “So, people should not underrate what happened in Libya. 43 years of Ghaddaffi, people were recruited from the Sahel and trained to shoot and kill. With the demise of Ghaddaffi they moved to other countries and region and carried the experience with them,” he said.
President Buhari added that this is what is aggravating herdsmen crisis in Nigeria. He also appreciated the United States government for assisting in Nigeri…

FOR THE RECORDS PURPOSE: President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2015 Inaugural Speech

Inaugural speech by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari following his swearing-in as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 29th May, 2015

I am immensely grateful to God Who Has preserved us to witness this day and this occasion. Today marks a triumph for Nigeria and an occasion to celebrate her freedom and cherish her democracy. Nigerians have shown their commitment to democracy and are determined to entrench its culture. Our journey has not been easy but thanks to the determination of our people and strong support from friends abroad we have today a truly democratically elected government in place.

I would like to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his display of statesmanship in setting a precedent for us that has now made our people proud to be Nigerians wherever they are. With the support and cooperation he has given to the transition process, he has made it possible for us to show the world that despite the perceived tension in the land we can be a united peo…

#HIV relatedDiscrimination: We sold our baby because she is HIV positive —Couple

UMUAHIA— A couple, Mr. & Mrs. Nkemakolam Ugorji, that sold their two-month-old baby girl for N300,000 in Abia State are claiming they did so because she was HIV positive.
From left, Nma, the auxiliary nurse and the couple, Nkemakolam and Happiness.

Though they could not back the HIV claim with a medical report as they alleged the test was carried out by an auxiliary nurse, they also said in another breath that they sold the baby due to economic hardship.

The 35-year-old Nkemakolam Ugorji and his wife, Happiness, when paraded by Abia State Police Command at Police Officers’ Mess, Umuahia, revealed that they just relocated to Umuahia.

Happiness’ account

According to Happiness, “I and my husband decided to sell our baby because of hardship. We have four children and my husband is not working. When I was pregnant there was no money for me to go for antenatal and feeding was even a problem for us. That was why we decided to sell our baby,” a claim her husband concurred to.

Happiness a…

#ApoKillings : FG paid N135m compensation to victims

After Four years , the  operatives of the Department of State Services, DSS, killed eight persons and wounded 11 others at an uncompleted building in Abuja following a false tip-off that they were members of the Boko Haram terrorist sect, the Federal Government, on Thursday, paid  N135million compensation to families of the victims. Dead bodies of suspected members of Islamist Boko Haram killed during a gun duel with the military are being driven away from uncompleted building near Apo Legislative quaters in Abuja on September 20, 2013. Nigerian forces battled Boko Haram insurgents in the capital Abuja on September 20 as the military sent troops to a town where the Islamists slaughtered at least 87 people, casting doubt on claims that the group’s rebellion has been contained. AFP PHOTO The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN, said decision to compensate the victims was based on findings by the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, tha…

Video: Horrifying moment helicopter blades sliced man in attempted rescue

A man was killed by helicopter blades when the aircraft flipped over during a dramatic rescue mission. According to Metro UK, the horrific footage captured the moment the man and another were being rescued after their own helicopter crashed in a remote part of the southwestern Cauca District in Colombia. Both men had been stranded in the hillside for seven days after their craft broke down with technical issues. They had managed to survive for the week before another chopper was sent out to find them and retrieve their crashed helicopter, which had been carrying valuable equipment. The victim was killed on the fifth rescue mission following four successful visits to retrieve equipment. Colombian Army General Jorge Herrera told WRadio there was no way of knowing of the ‘devastating consequences’ of the fifth mission. The video shows two technicians standing next to the remains of their downed helicopter, waving their hands to direct the rescuing helicopter safely to the ground. The vi…

Humanitarian crises looming in Nigeria (By Obinna Chukwuezie )

Death toll is rising, gruesomely murdered
Burial grounds or slaughter ground are everywhere around us
Number of physically incapacitated people doubling
The few hospitals are already outstretched
The number of homeless and displaced people on the rise, every state will soon have IDP camps How can some people move about with guns, and dangerous weapons and nothing happens to them?
How come no intelligence report of impending attacks?
How come a large number of people invade a community and escape without one being caught?
How can mass killings occur and perpetrators will remain at large? Do they have a constitutional duty to protect the lives and properties of all Nigerians?
Did they swore to uphold this constitutional responsibility?
Does Nigeria pay them to protect Nigerians?
Why are they not protecting Nigerians? No community feels secure
Every community is thinking self-defence
A feeling of fear and insecurity pervades the atmosphere
Even in the midst of several security agencies, wit…

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid: Five things we learned from the Champions League semi-final first leg

Here are five things we learnt from the match: Asensio the heir to Ronaldo’s crown With Real Madrid having struggled throughout the majority of the first half, Zinedine Zidane elected to make a change. However, the departing Isco was surprisingly replaced not by Karim Benzema or Gareth Bale, but instead Marco Asensio. Cristiano Ronaldo had a quiet game on the wing (Getty) The 22-year-old justified his manager’s faith by capitalising on a mistake from Rafinha and scoring the winning goal. The tenacity, pace and drive that the youngster displayed was reminiscent of Ronaldo himself. Asensio then, who has scored 11 goals so far this season, could well yet be the one to claim Ronaldo’s place in the team once the Portuguese superstar departs the Bernabeu. Stars fail to sparkle Speaking of Ronaldo, in a game that was billed as a colossal clash between two of the best goalscorers in the world, him and Robert Lewandowski, both failed to deliver.