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#ICT : HowTo Start A Career In Information Technology As A beginner In Nigeria

Here are basic steps to take if you intend to start a career in information technology as a beginner Know the Sub-Sectors in Information Technology
This is the first thing you have to do if you wish to start a career in information technology. There are several subsectors in Information Technology such as;
-Programming -Software Development -Web Design/Development -Mobile Application Development -Networking/Server Administration -Big Data -Multimedia (Designs and Graphics) -Cloud -Hardware Engineering -Security and several others that abound.
If you think you are proficient in any of the above sub-sectors, then you go ahead to identify how to harness your skills and put it into work. For beginners without any skill set to function in any of the above sub-sectors, you should find which sub-sector interests you to make a career out of it.
Identify where you fit it
This is the hardest part of the whole steps. Figuring out where you would fit it might be one hell of a task. Most people dive into Informat…

#RASHIDIyekini : Died frustrated in 2012 ( The greatest football Striker the Nigerian senior football team has ever had)

He worked so hard to put Nigerian football on the map. He never rejected National call ups, he never discriminated against any National team player. He played every match he was invited for, and with any group of players.

Yekini single handedly qualified us for our first world cup. He brought joy to the hearts of many Nigerians and succour to us during many trying moments.

Yekini scored our first world cup goal, he won a Nations cup for us. Before then he won 3 Nations cup silver and one bronze for us. Oh, the Yekingly, the goalsfather who won highest goal scorer in the Nigerian league 3 times, in Ivory Coast, in Portugal. He scored goals for Nigeria at the Nations Cup in 84, 88, scored highest goals in 90,92 and 94. What a player,what a man.

Yekini died frustrated in 2012 after giving the better part of his life to this Country.  He was forgotten and despised.

Even though the NFF and his former teammates don't remember this great Nigerian anymore, how about us ordinary Nigerians…

Petrol Crisis May Worsen As Depot Price Hits N165 Per Litre

NNPC discharges two vessels simultaneously

Despite what seems like its best efforts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to end the protracted petrol scarcity in the country, the fuel supply situation may worsen as the price has hit N165 per litre at the depots, against the official price of N133.28, THISDAY’s investigation has revealed.
This is coming as two petrol vessels imported by the NNPC discharged simultaneously in Lagos at the weekend.

Petrol scarcity, which had marred the Christmas and New Year celebrations, has persisted despite the efforts of the NNPC to successfully perform the onerous task of meeting the country’s fuel need, following the refusal of the private marketers to import on account of unsustainability of the official pricing regime.
A market survey conducted by THISDAY showed that only seven out of over 30 depots had stock of petrol at the weekend.

The depots include Folawiyo, Fatgbems, Aiteo, Bovas, Heyden, Rainoil/First Royal and NIPCO.

Phase III of UNFPA-UNICEF JOINT PROGRAM TO ELIMINATE FGM/C (for the period 2018 to 2021)

UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme to Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation
UNFPA and UNICEF jointly lead the largest global programme to accelerate the abandonment offemale genital mutilation (FGM). The UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme harnesses the complementary expertise of the two agencies, with governments and often in close collaboration with grass-roots community organizations and other key stakeholders, backed by the latest social science research.  The FGM Joint Programme achievements at a glanceMore than 2.3 million girls and women have benefitted from protection against FGM and received specialized care services25 million people in more than 18,000 communities in 15 countries with high FGM prevalence made public declarations to abandon the harmful practice17 governments were supported to set up national FGM response mechanisms, and 12 countries were supported to set up national budget lines to finance their own FGM-related programmesThe programme directly contributed to the enactment o…

Nigeria situation : Lassa fever outbreak update, 24 January 2018

Following the increasing number of Lassa fever cases reported from several States across the country, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has activated its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to coordinate the response to the outbreak on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health.

The EOC has deployed Rapid Response Teams to the most affected States- Ebonyi, Ondo and Edo States. The RRTs are supporting the States in response coordination, contact tracing, case management, risk communication and strengthening infection prevention and control practices. Emergency supplies have also been sent to treatment centres in all affected States.

Since the beginning of 2018, a total number of 107 suspected Lassa fever cases have been recorded in ten States: Edo, Ondo, Bauchi, Nasarawa, Ebonyi, Anambra, Benue, Kogi, Imo and Lagos States. As at 21st January 2018, the total number of confirmed cases is 61, with 16 deaths recorded. Ten health care workers have been infected in four States (Ebonyi - 7,…

Father Assaults His Daughter For Refusing To Have Sex With Him In Delta.

A father allegedly brutalized his young daughter in this manner for refusing to have sex with him. According to reports, the little girl who hails from Okpe Isoko in Isoko north Local government area of Delta state was maltreated and assaulted by her father, John Okeregu, who allegedly attempted to rape her. The girl was taken into custody of a good Samaritan as report has it that the king of the community is trying to cover up the case. 
According to reports, after the news broke out, the Commissioner of Women affairs and the Attorney General of Delta State are said to have been made aware and are now interested in the case.
The local government chairman has also sent the counselor representing the ward to meet with the little girl to help serve justice. .

WhatsApp Conference Chat: Using Group Chats

THE WAY OUT: A CLARION CALL FOR COALITION FOR NIGERIA MOVEMENT Special Press Statement By President Olusegun Obasanjo —

Since we are still in the month of January, it is appropriate to wish all Nigerians Happy 2018. I am constrained to issue this special statement at this time considering the situation of the country. Some of you may be asking, “What has brought about this special occasion of Obasanjo issuing a Special Statement?” You will be right to ask such a question. But there is a Yoruba saying that ‘when lice abound in your clothes, your fingernails will never be dried of blood’. When I was in the village, to make sure that lice die, you put them between two fingernails and press hard to ensure they die and they always leave blood stains on the fingernails. To ensure you do not have blood on your fingernails, you have to ensure that lice are not harboured anywhere within your vicinity.
The lice of poor performance in government – poverty, insecurity, poor economic management, nepotism, gross dereliction of duty, condonation of misdeed – if not outright encouragement of i…

APPLY: UNFPA Nigeria Youth Advisory Panel

The Youth Advisory Panel is a “mechanism for UNFPA Nigeria to dialogue with youth experts and young leaders so as to seek their advice on strategic actions and leverage their expertise and networks to support the youth related mandates of UNFPA in Nigeria The UNFPA Nigeria-YAP aims to provide a platform for active engagement of Nigerian youth through new technologies towards improved access to sexual and reproductive health, promote reproductive rights and helping young people’s transition to adulthood as well as actively engage young people in decision-making processes that affect their lives. WORTH Duration of Tenure, Benefits and Frequency of Meeting Every member of the Youth Advisory Panel will be issued with an appointment letter from the UNFPA Nigeria confirming their membership of the panelEach member will serve voluntarily for 2 years and will not be remunerated.However, expenses related to official travels and other incidental costs will be covered by the UNFPA Nigeria office.…

#Music Icon : King Sunny Ade shows off his five wives

Popular music legend, King Sunny Ade has five wives but they rarely step out with him in public, and as thus, so not many people know about his “marital life”. But yesterday, he shared a photo on his Instagram page, striking a post with all of them and wrote, “My Women Crush Wednesday”. King Sunny Ade (KSA) turned 70, Thursday, September 22, 2016. Below are some memorable photos in the life of the king. 1.His father was a church organist The juju music living legend was born to a church organist father who is also a prince of Ondo town on September 22, 1946. Sure he cut his teeth in music from him. King Sunny Ade 2. His musical career began with Moses Olaiya’s Federal Rhythm Dandies Moses Olaiya popularly known as Baba Sala started out as a highlife musician. KSA trained under him from where he left to start his own band called the Green Spots in 1967. Young KSA at the extreme left with Moses Olaiya’s Federal Rhythm Dandies . Baba Sala is second from right with guitar 3