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BASIC FACTS ON FGM/C WHAT IS FGM/C? •FGM/C is the "any partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or any other injury of the female genital organs for nonmedical reasons." •The World Health Organization (WHO) 1997. •What is the situation of FGM/C in Nigeria? •Prevalence of girls and women aged 15-49years who have undergone FGM/C in Nigeria is (27%).3rd highest absolute number of women/ girls who have undergone FGM/C worldwide (after Egypt and Ethiopia). •19.9 million Nigerian women have undergone FGM/C •approximately 16% of the 125 million FGM/C survivors worldwide are Nigerian. •Most prevalent among Yoruba women (55%), followed by Igbo women (45%). 32% of urban women have undergone FGM/C, as compared with rural women (19%). •More women having undergone FGM/C in the southern zones than in northern zones. •What are the different types of FGM/C? World Health Organization (WHO) classifies FGM/C in 4 types: •Type 1 (Clitoridectomy): Partial or total removal of the clit…