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A rape victim’s brother has been ‘given permission’ by village elders to rape the attacker’s sister as punishment.Chief Saeed Patwari has been arrested after he allegedly allowed Mohammad Ashfaq to rape the 17-year-old to avenge the rape of his sister, 13, by Omar Wadda.In multiple raids over two days, police also arrested 23 councilmen over the same case, according to the spokeswoman, Shabina Kareem.A regional police chief and some other officers were fired for their belated response after the first rape took place in the village of Raja Pur, near the city of Multan, on July 16.
We will do justice with the both victims,’ said Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab province, during a visit to Multan.Kareem, the police spokeswoman, said Ashfaq was still at large but Wadda has been arrested and charged with raping Ashfaq’s sister.

Michigan: Lawyers for Muslim doctors charged with performing FGM to use religious freedom as defense

Defense lawyers have said they will argue a freedom of religion defense – setting the stage for an explosive test of Americans’ religious rights that experts say could ultimately be settled by the Supreme Court.

As Robert Spencer explained here, Fakhruddin Attar’s lawyer Mary Chartier “apparently she intends to argue that female genital mutilation (contrary to constantly repeated establishment media myth) is justified in Islam, and that therefore Dr. Attar was just exercising his freedom of religion. If that is really what she intends to do, this will become a test case for the spread of Sharia practices in the U.S.: either Muslims will be allowed to violate existing U.S. laws under the rubric of the freedom of religion, or they will be called upon to obey U.S. laws even when those laws conflict with the teachings of Islam. If the court rules for the latter, the U.S. will have a chance to continue to exist as a free society. If the court rules for the former, it will be opening the do…

World Hepatitis Day: Hepatitis B should be treated as health emergency

Hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver, is one of the leading causes of death globally, accounting for about 1.34 million deaths per year.There are five main types of Hepatitis virus referred to as Types A, B, C, D, and E which your body is prone to.On World Hepatitis Day as dedicated by World Health Organisation (WHO) on July 28 each year, PREMIUM TIMES takes a look at how you can contract and prevent this disease.1. Both HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) and HEV (Hepatitis E Virus) can be contracted through contact with the faeces of infected people. This is the reason why using and maintaining clean bathrooms as important as consuming safe and hygienic water and food.2. Exposure to infected blood can lead to HCV (Hepatitis C). If you end up using the same needle or syringe that a Hepatitis patient has, you can get it as well. Health workers, when accidentally jabbed with used needles, can also contract it.3. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, you can also get H…

Nigerian Senate Passes Peace Corps Bill

The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday has finally passed the peace corps bill to make the Peace Corps a para-military agency.The parliament adopted the conference report on the bill to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps, after it was so advised by its committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matters.Both the Senate and the House of Representatives had separately passed the bill last year.

However, after the harmonisation of the two separate bills, the Senate had rejected the harmonised version, which has now been approved.The bill will be sent to President Muhammadu Buhari for assent after the House also approves‎ the harmonised version.It is not clear if the presidency will approve of the bill as several departments in the executive including the police and the military are opposed to the legalisation of the Peace Corps which is currently a private NGO.

#SayNoTO:Nigeria’s Toxic NGO Regulation Bill (currently with NASS)

In September, the House of Representatives Committee on Civil Society will hold a public hearing on the Bill. If the Committee does not kill the Bill, it will label the president and his party as politically toxic at a time that neither of them needs that. This Bill deserves to die.
Nigeria’s House of Representatives is presently considering what perhaps qualifies as the most dangerous piece of legislation to come before the National Assembly since the return of civilian rule in 1999. It is the NGO Regulation Bill sponsored by the deputy majority leader of the House, Hon. Umar Buba Jibril. The Bill is stunning in its audacity, far reaching in its scope and a danger to elective government in Nigeria. It should not be allowed to pass.There is a context to this NGO Regulation Bill which is important. It comes at a time when the federal government, led by the same party whose parliamentary caucus Hon. Jibril leads in the House, has signaled enthusiasm and desire to establish a commission t…

#endcuttinggirls : Quintessential letter to all Celebrities in Nigeria on FGM/C Abandonment Campaign (SDG5-target 3)

CELEBRITY refers to the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people (celebrity couples, families, etc.) themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune), while fame often provides opportunities to earn revenue.
Successful careers in sports and entertainment are commonly associated with celebrity status; while political leaders often become celebrities. People may also become celebrities due to media attention on their lifestyle, wealth, or controversial actions, or for their connection to a famous person.

Undoubtedly, your position in this country as of today, is central, important, essential, and no meaningful development can actually come by, without your support . In that regards , I wish to write this letter  you with total sense respect and responsib…