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Testimony of a successful lady: "I was very hungry that I had to eat our dog’s leftovers food, but today a qualified lawyer"

I was abandoned by my mother at the age of seven months (7months) with my father and stepmother.

My stepmother was mean. I endured all manner of maltreatments she meted at me.

Sometimes I went hungry for days. She would so starve me that I would be seeing death. On one occasion, I was very hungry that I had to eat our dog’s leftovers food. Our neighbor’s son  caught me eating the dog’s leftover food (eba and egusi) and he told his mother who later that evening invited me to her house and asked me if what her son said was true.

I was so terrified that I begged her not to tell my step mother, because she will kill me if she knew that I ate the dog’s leftover instead of throwing it away. The woman wept and promised to give me food everyday without my stepmother’s knowledge, a promise she kept till we left the compound.

As if starving me was not enough punishment, my Stepmother flogged me mercilessly until I would faint at times. She would also apply pepper in my vagina, eyes, armpit and…
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The 3rd Ex-Governor to jail in recent time: N7.1bn fraud: Orji Kalu bags 12 years imprisonment…Court winds up company

The Federal High Court in Lagos has convicted a former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, who was charged with N7.1bn fraud.

The court found him and his co-defendants guilty of the entire 39 counts filed against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Justice Mohammed Idris sentenced Kalu to 12 years’ imprisonment while he ordered the winding up of Kalu’s company, Slok Nigeria Limited, charged as third defendant in the case.

FRSC Arrests Mary Ikoku For Using Google Maps In Abuja

Wow! We still have a lot of surprises in this yulitide. Men of the Federal Road Safety Corps have just impounded my car. Asked what's my offence, they said, show me your phone and I turned my phone to him, and the guy said you are under arrest for driving with the aid of Google map on your mobile phones. Wawu!! I'm like seriously!! He said, madam it is a serious traffic offence. I asked to see the team lead, their team lead came and after hearing fro his collegue and me said, "the law forbids motorists from using mobile phones in any form while driving, as it can lead to accident". I can see you are using Google map on your phone. Madam it is distractive so follow us to our office.

This is unbelievable!! You see ba, I have an emergency and have requested for a ticket so I can deal with this later but they said No. I must drive to their office. Well ladies and gentlemen, I've been given a ticket of N4000 payable to Remita my offence is using GPS. They have my car…

Most Prudent Wedding example

An interesting wedding today at Seventh-day Adventist Church Ruuokwurusi.


At the end all were given their food packs and dispersed from the church to their homes. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from this. A lot of savings made. A very wise, realistic and practical wedding today. Food for thought for those who are planning their weddings ahead.

Heavy schoolbags on children causes spinal cord injury, experts warn parents —

Medical experts have cautioned parents against heavy schoolbags on children, saying that heavy loads
may cause spinal cord injury.

Some of the medical practitioners told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja that parents should avoid
packing too many books and other items in children’s schoolbag as most of the bags are carried on the back. Dr Ewot Ndaeyo, the acting Executive Secretary of the FCT Primary Healthcare Board, said that the weight of children
must be considered by parents before packaging any loads in their backpack. He said that primary school pupils who should be between 15 and 25kg were seen in some cases carrying
25kg backpack, noting that “this is not fair, there is need to balance the weight. “So, my advice is that parents should not overload children’s schoolbags; the launch pack gives easy way of carriage, the
schoolbag and launch pack balances the child whenever he or she is walking.” He added that the lunch pack and water should be enough for the child…

FGM And The Law Around The World

Ending FGM requires a multi-sectoral approach that brings together law enforcement agencies, child protection professionals, educators, physicians, traditional and religious leaders, government agencies, advocates, and survivors.  As Equality Now and our partners in the international community continue to work to end FGM by 2030, here’s a look at how the law is struggling and succeeding in some of the most high stakes areas for FGM.   The UNFPA estimates that at least 59 countries have passed laws against FGM, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Norway,  Sweden and New Zealand. Of the 29 countries in Africa where female genital mutilation (FGM) is traditionally practiced, 26 have laws prohibiting FGM. Among African nations with laws prohibiting FGM, penalties range from monetary fines to a minimum of three months to life in prison. Others continue to struggle to enforce legislation. Kenya: An Upward Trend...Down FGM is illegal in Kenya, with a punishment of up to three …

Onyema’s Case Goes Tough As EFCC Seizes His Passports, Restricts His Movement

On the 23rd of November, 2019, Allen Ifechukwu Athan Onyema, the Chairman of Air Peace was charged with 27 counts of money laundering by one U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak.

Mr. Byung said that Onyema moved more than $20 million from Nigeria through United States bank accounts in a scheme involving false documents based on the purchase of airplane.

The US court had since then issued a warrant to arrest Onyema and authorised US marshals service to bring him into custody.

In view of the above, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Sunday, went tough on him by seizing his passports and restricting his movement.

A source according to The Nation disclosed this.

His words, “Following his interaction with our detectives, it became imperative to restrict his movement to the country because we will need him from time to time.

“We have seized his passports for unfettered comprehensive investigation. And so far, he has cooperated with our team.

“During our interaction, he mainta…